Our Programs

Sister Soldiers, Inc. is working to develop a multi-pronged approach to help female warriors, veterans and their families.  At this time our efforts have been focused toward cost efficient, yet effective programs. As with many new non-profits, the need far exceeds the funds and resources available to implement all programs.  We hope, by defining our future intentions, people will obtain a sense of which direction Sister Soldiers is headed.  Our goal is to improve the lives of women veterans and their families, which means removing roadblocks to their success.  If you’re interested in assisting or sponsoring one of these programs, please email:  [email protected].

Awareness Program — Currently Sister Soldiers partners with local community organizations, universities and healthcare entities to raise awareness and educate others about the contributions of women in the US Military.  Through lectures, panel discussions and documentary screenings we engage the public directly with women who have served in the military in previous eras as well as those that have served in combat and have come home to transition back into civilian life. Visit our Media & News page to see the latest updates.

Advocacy Program — In conjunction with our legal advisors, Sister Soldiers works with local, state and government agencies to raise awareness of servicewomen, veterans and familial issues in an effort to bring about effective and lasting change to policies directly impacting their community.  Sister Soldiers actively reaches out to members of the legal community via email, and various social media outlets to remain current on issues directly impacting our Sister Soldiers and their families.

Wellness Program — Our purpose is to bring veterans together in a stress-free outdoor environment that allows them to focus on camaraderie, teamwork and find healing through the process of overcoming personal and physical obstacles. To educate them on the importance of their physical and mental well-being.

Education Program –goal is to see that all women veterans have the tools and resources they need to achieve their dreams. Many women veterans are single parents and some live on incomes that don’t allow them to pay for childcare costs even while attending school full time with the new Post 9/11 GI Bill.  Additionally, not all veterans qualify for the new GI Bill.  This program will ensure that the participants who are accepted, receive supplemental funding to pursue their educational goals.

Transitional Housing Program – The fastest growing demographic of Afghanistan and Iraq homeless veteran in the United States, is women veterans with children.  The military fosters cohesion and teamwork and many veterans feel they lose that when they leave the military.  We hope to partner with other community organizations to create a housing program that brings all of the necessary elements of success together for women veterans in a safe and family friendly environment.  Veterans don’t want a hand out, they want a hand up.